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What is a bebot (bay-bought)?
It is a Philippines slang term for a beautiful, single, and young Filipina with the proper background. 
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BebotsOnly Asian dating online introductions website personally meets and screens all its female members to make sure they are 100% certified bebots.  We are the only club with standards that take our own pictures and videos, so you can see with your own eyes that they are all authentic.  We don't allow scammers, fakers, posers, lady boys, married women, webcam workers, exotics, bar girls, feminists,fatties, catfish or catfishing. Catfishing is when a person makes a fake account for the purpose of scamming you.  BebotsOnly is the only way to meet as many verified single ladies as possible with the proper backgrounds during your short vacation in the Philippines.  This is the best way to make friends with the right single women of the Philippines. All our meetings are chaperoned and do not allow sex before marriage.  I repeat we do not allow sex before marriage.  This rule must be followed to the letter with extreme prejudice to protect both the men and women in our network.  We only promote, promise, and deliver friendships. I repeat, we don't provide escorts or wives for marriage. Anyone else telling you more is just a scam.  All good long term relationships start with friendships.  All friendships start with just one hello.  The ladies are waiting. 

To view the latest Filipina to join our club or recent bebots only activities and events, Please visit our page:

Note:  Read the FAQ before you register.  It provides the basic knowledge needed for your journey into the great unknown, where angels fear to tread. 

BebotsOnly is the only online Asian dating website with the most successful meetings between the proper people leading to long lasting friendships in the Philippines.

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